Vladimir Belevitch & Alexander Beletsky implicated in massive fraud

Alexander Beletsky CEO of the Corporation of Development
Alexander Beletsky CEO of the Corporation of Development

Funds stolen from Czech Republic and Russia lead to Swiss banks and companies.

One of the strategic projects, performed on the territory of Ural Federal District in Russia, is ”Polar Power Plant”, that is owned by the Energy Company “Ural Industrial – Ural Polar” LLC. This company is owned by the state corporation “Corporation of Development” (25%) and Galileo Investments S.A. (75%). As far as we know, with the information received from the Corporation of Development officials, Galileo Investments S.A. is owned by the client of Swiss Notenstein Privatbank – Global Handels AG.

Global Handels AG declared citizen of Sweden Mr. Vladimir Belevitch as a beneficial owner of the company in credit and supportive documentation relation to the project, specified above.

Nevertheless, in accordance with the articles in mass media and other reliable sources it is obvious, that Mr. Belevitch is a “nominal beneficiary”, that might be latently covering others. These people, which include former CEO of the Corporation of Development – Mr. Alexander Beletsky, could be politically exposed in the Russian Federation.

These assumptions are made in different articles, published in two main news agencies in the Urals: www.ura.ru and www.znak.com.

Here are few citations from these articles (all articles could be easily found via links below in Russian):

“Information about the beneficiaries of Galileo Investments S.A. is not disclosed. In accordance with some information investment agreement contains the name of Vladimir Belevitch, but there are few notifications about businessmen or top-managers with this name. […] One of the businessmen that had been working with the Corporation of Development, presumes that in reality beyond Galileo Investments S.A. are people “understandable to the team” of the Governor Kobyilkin. More precisely – his former deputy Vladimir Vladimirov, who became temporary Governor of Stavropol some days ago.” – Source : https://ura.news/articles/1036260448

“…experts got suspicious about the theft of Corporation funds in amount of more than 4 billion rubles. Audits were made in several daughter companies of the Corporation of Development, contracts are analyzed, that were concluded by Beletsky. […]  …the second shareholder [of Energy Company “Ural Indusrial – Ural Polar” LLC] was Luxembourg company Galileo Investments S.A. Presumably one of beneficiaries of this foreign business structure is exactly Beletsky” (“Grandpa, grandpa, our fishing net had brought…”) – Source : https://ura.news/articles/1036261920

You could find more articles, dedicated mainly to corruption activities and money laundering, if you try to fill in the “Search” fields located at www.ura.ru and www.znak.com with surnames of the people mentioned above.

During the implementation of the Polar Power Plant project, the group of people most probably connected with Beletsky, attempted to steal money by forcing Czech main-contractor to work with Russian subcontractors nominated by them (UralStroyTechnology LLC, CJSC TechEnergoStroy).

For example, the company Tekhenergostroy CJSC withdrew 900 million rubles from the construction process, allocated by the Czech Export Bank, the Corporation and the IFC Bank, by transferring them to foreign companies. Subsequently, Belevich, following Beletsky’s instructions, transferred control of TehEnergostroy to Global Handels AG (Switzerland), which controlled the project. These actions are frankly fraudulent, since the alienation of the project companies, as well as any change in the structure of the beneficial ownership, was expressly prohibited by the credit supporting documentation signed with CEB. This fact is confirmed by the investigative actions carried out by investigators of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation.

These activities have in fact led to a halt in the project’s implementation, both from the Czech general contractor and the main project lender, the Czech Export Bank, with the wording “due to available information on the leakage of funds from the project and the availability group of persons influencing the project, but not in its structure”. As a result, CEB declared default on the loan.

This problem was discussed during bilateral negotiations between Russian and Czech presidents in China, because in fact the fund stolen belong to the Czech state and its taxpayers. Taking into consideration the fact that this credit was party covered by the Russian regional state guarantee, then its also Russian state funds and its taxpayers.

History repeated in St. Petersburg
Vladimir Belevich, mentioned in connection with Polar Power Plant, also has an attitude to the Swiss company Jema Industrial Holding, owning 75% of Engineering Systems Ltd. As follows from the Swiss trade register, he is a member of the company’s management. According to the “Fontanka”, in St. Petersburg, in an apartment near Smolny, 64-year-old citizen of Sweden Vladimir Belevich is registered. Nina Belevich also lives there. The latter is a co-founder of the Petersburg company “Fabrika”, registered in the same non-residential premises on Furshtatskaya Street as “Engineering systems”. Prior to it, the owner of the company was Alexander Beletsky.


Alexander Beletsky & Vladimir Belevitch Infographic
View Alexander Beletsky & Vladimir Belevitch Infographic

Engineering Systems Ltd. intended to construct power plant in St. Petersburg, but polar history repeated itself. Funds provided by Russian bank – International Financial Club – were stolen through the number of subcontractors.

It is curious that the name Vladimir Belevich is known in St. Petersburg outside the context of power engineering – it recently unexpectedly surfaced in the case of the former art critic of the Russian Museum Elena Basner, who is suspected of having deliberately called the original a false picture of the avant-garde artist Boris Grigoriev “In the restaurant.”

And the last two facts in this kaleidoscope: the property of Obukhovenergo, whose annual revenue is 600 million rubles, is pledged to Tavrichesky Bank, which is associated with the name of Alexander Sabadash, Russian ex-senator, sentenced to prison for fraud in Russia. And the owner of this heat supply organization – Engineering systems Ltd. – at the end of 2015 notified of the intention to file a claim for his own bankruptcy. True, so far this intention has not been implemented in practice.

Interesting but the general director of “Engineering systems” is Mr. Konstantin Tarasov. He was previously a business partner of Beletsky. And the latter was close to imprisoned ex-senator Sabadash: he was the founder of one of the “daughters” of the vodka factory “Liviz” and the director of the related company “AFB 1 Inc.”. In the middle of 2000, Beletsky began to work as the head of the department in the Federal Bailiff Service, and then went on to conquer the Urals. According to rumors under the patronage of Sabadash, who sought to spread his influence to other regions.

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