Volaris El Salvador airline to accept Bitcoin (BTC)

In El Salvador, a new airline will accept Bitcoin

The news was announced on Twitter. As Nayib Bukele points out, Volaris was originally a Mexican airline, but this new subsidiary will focus exclusively on El Salvador. Travelers will be able to book and pay for their trip in Bitcoin, which has become legal tender in the country since last September.

Contrary to what Nayib Bukele announces, Volaris El Salvador is not the first airline to accept payments in Bitcoin. As early as 2014, the Latvian national airline airBaltic had distinguished itself by accepting BTC, and the company continued with an integration of non-fungible tokens (NFT) recently. It also added DOGE and ETH last March.

However, in the field of air transport, companies that accept Bitcoin are still very few, the arrival of Volaris El Salvador is therefore notable.

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El Salvador advances in its integration of Bitcoin

Decided it seems overnight by a Nayib Bukele whose authoritarian abuses have been criticized, the integration of Bitcoin was a hot topic in El Salvador. But a few weeks after the queen of cryptocurrencies arrived with great fanfare in the country, it seems that the transition is on track.

Now Salvadorians can receive their wages in BTC, and a reduction in the price of fuel has been applied for those who choose Bitcoin to pay for their purchase at the pump. Beyond these incentive measures, it would also seem that the uses follow. Salvadorans would now deposit more money than they withdraw on Chivo Wallet, the state Bitcoin wallet.

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