Walking Dead: Mid-Season Finale


The season 7 mid-season finale on Sunday, December 11, saw a couple of significant characters kick the bucket on account of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his band of executioner goons, which thusly drove Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and whatever is left of the Alexandrites to a genuinely necessary epiphany with regards to the maintainability of their little Savior-serving test. At the point when the show returns in February 2017, you can hope to see an uprising in progress. Meanwhile, here are the five greatest minutes from “Hearts Still Beating.”

In the wake of being passed a note and a bike enter in a week ago scene, Daryl (Norman Reedus) cut and ran — an entire five feet to a room a few doors down, where he scored a more polished arrangement of garments (yes!) and ate an entire jug of nutty spread (YES!) while he sat tight for the drift to clear. What’s more, evidently, Daryl’s unbearable time in the Sanctuary didn’t make him slanted to be lenient. Gotten mid-escape by Negan’s tubby follower, Daryl speedily beat the man to death — before Jesus (Tom Payne), no less, who was obviously (and fittingly) the deliverer behind Daryl’s escape.

Subsequent to being regarded “an enormous s- – t” by Father Gabriel, Spencer (Austin Nichols) chose to demonstrate the man right this week by attempting to make pleasant with the Saviors. Over a round of pool, the plotting Spence educated Negan that Rick doesn’t play well with others, in a blatant and backstabbing play for Alexandria’s authority. Just you know who else doesn’t play well with others? No doubt, the man with the blood-doused security fencing wrapped play club — who didn’t warmly embrace Spencer’s weasel conduct. Negan allegorically killed Spencer, blaming him for having no guts … and after that, for good measure, he substantiated himself wrong by truly destroying him. So long, Spencer. Try not to give your own particular digestion systems a chance to hit you in the ass on out.

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