Warehouse fire victims include 17-year-olds, say officials


Thirty three people are confirmed to have died in the California warehouse inferno which broke out during a dance party. However, the death toll is expected to rise with dozens of people still missing and now officials have revealed those who lost their lives include teenagers.

Authorities say that there were 17 year olds among the victims and that some of the dead were from Europe and Asia. Fire fighters are facing the desperate and painstaking task of sifting through the remains of the building bucket by bucket in a bid to find victims to provide answers to loved ones.

They say they have managed to identify some tragic victims through their fingerprints, but some bodies are yet to be identified. The fire tore through a cluttered converted warehouse known as the Ghost Ship, where a rave was taking place. The building was an artists collective and an illegal residence.

Death toll

Exact numbers are not known but it is understood that somewhere between 50 to 100 people were inside when the blaze broke out. While the official death toll stood at 24 just a few hours ago, it has now climbed to 33.

Firefighters are continuing to comb through the warehouse. Meanwhile, there is also a police presence on site to make sure that any evidence for a potential criminal investigation is preserved.

While the names of the victims have not been officially revealed, one heartbroken father has confirmed his daughter died in the blaze. Keith Slocum said that his daughter Donna Kellogg was among those who lost their lives.

Meanwhile, a former tenant of the warehouse, which is understood to have been home to around a dozen people at any given moment, described it as a death trap where electrical wires trailed through the building to run musical equipment. She also said that a fire had previously broken out as a result of a generator, which residents put out themselves.




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