Wave of denunciations in Algeria

Several political parties and non-governmental organizations have expressed their indignation and denunciation following the dissolution by the Algerian courts of the “Rassemblement Action Jeunesse” (RAJ), an association for the defense of human rights, following a request from the Algerian Ministry of the Interior. .

Reacting to this decision, the President of RAJ, Abdelouhab Fersaoui deplored this verdict pronounced “despite the work of the lawyers who showed in the requests and in the pleadings that the file is empty in substance and in form, as they could. also deconstruct a request based on assumptions without any evidence as noted by the judges of the court ”.

In a post on facebook, he assured that “this verdict will not weaken us, will not erase the 28 years of existence, resistance and struggle for citizenship, freedom and democracy”.

For its part, Amnesty International denounced this decision of the Algiers administrative court to dissolve RAJ, qualifying this verdict as an “arbitrary decision” and “a slap in the face for freedoms in Algeria”.

This decision “is a slap in the face to human rights in Algeria. It is also a worrying indicator of the authorities’ determination to crack down on independent activism, the rights to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly, ”said Amna Guellali, deputy director of the Middle East program and North Africa to Amnesty International.

“The closure of civil society organizations is one of the most severe restrictions on the right to freedom of association. Doing so in order to silence critics and crush dissent is simply illegal and unacceptable, ”Amnesty International added.

For his part, the vice-president of the Algerian League for Human Rights (Laddh), Saïd Salhi, denounced a “setback on the achievements of October 1988”, having established the multiparty system and the rise of the associative movement. .

As for the Front des forces socialistes (FFS), it described the decision as “a first” since the advent of multiparty politics, freedom of association and of the press instituted by the 1988 Constitution.

According to its first national secretary, Youcef Aouchiche, the FFS reiterates the conviction that peaceful change can only come from a “structured and organized society”.

“The logic of all-repression in the management of public life and its use as the only response to the legitimate popular aspirations for freedom (…) feed extremist tendencies and threaten national cohesion”, warns the oldest opposition party in Algeria.

For the Workers’ Party (PT), “after hundreds of arrests, a serious step has been taken: a youth organization, approved for 28 years, having taken part in many democratic battles, the restoration of peace. during the black decade and accompanied by the revolution of February 22, 2019 is dissolved administratively ”.

For this Party, the dissolution of the RAJ “confirms the desire to question all the achievements of the Algerian people and the freedoms torn by the blood of more than 500 young victims” during the events of October 5, 1988, in the occurrence the right to freedom of organization and creation of independent associations.

“It is a fundamental achievement which is called into question”, denounces this opposition party in a press release.

For its part, the Rally for Culture and Democracy (RCD) condemned a “new escalation in the denial of the fundamental rights of citizens”.

“After 28 years of a fight for the freedoms and emancipation of youth, the association Rassemblement Action Jeunesse has just suffered the wrath of a power at bay through an administrative tribunal”, denounced the door – RCD speech, Atmane Mazouz, in a Facebook post.

“The dissolution of the RAJ now signifies the impossibility for – New Algeria – to tolerate the existence of any autonomous space,” Mazouz added.

On May 26, the RAJ had received, through a judicial officer, a summons to appear before the administrative court of Algiers, following a request filed by the Ministry of the Interior and local communities requesting his dissolution.

The request is linked, according to the Algerian Ministry of the Interior, to the activities of RAJ which would be “in violation of Law 12/06 governing associations and in contradiction with the objectives enumerated in the statutes of the association”.

SL (with MAP)

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