Waymo’s fully self-driving vehicles are here


2 years ago, our company took its first driverless trip on public roads, when Steve Mahan, who is visually impaired, drove from a park to his doctor’s office without any form of assistance. This trip birthed the idea of a fully self-driving car – where the roads are more secure, driving is easier, and everyone can move around paying no concern to their driving ability. Since that trip, our team has been working tirelessly to convey fully self-driving technology to people around the world.

Our vehicles will commute long distance

After eight years of continuous development, we’re stepping towards unlocking the real potential of full self-driving technology. To begin, Waymo’s fully self-driving cars – our most secure, most innovated vehicles on the road – are test-driving on the open streets without a driver. To date, Waymo cars have been commuting on public streets with a test driver. Presently, in an area of the Phoenix metro district, a subset of our vehicles will work in fully-self driving mode, with Waymo as the driver. After some time, we’ll cover another region – one larger than London, and we’ll add to our fleet as we progress.

We prepared for this next stage by putting our cars through the world’s longest and hardest continuous driving test. Since we started as a Google project in 2009, our vehicles have driven more than 3.5million miles on roads across over twenty U.S. metropolis. At our private test track, we’ve conducted over 20,000 individual tests, studying extreme and bizarre cases. We’ve increased certifiable involvement in recreation, where our vehicle drives over 10 million miles daily. In short, we’re designing our software to be experts on the road. Lastly, all our products are well equipped with full safety features essential for full self-driving including backup braking, steering, computer and power that can bring the vehicle to a safe stop, if necessary.

With Waymo as the driver, we can create different types of transportation, from public transport to personal cars. Our fully self-driving vehicles offer improved transportation experience: it’s safe, accessible, flexible and passengers can use their time to do whatever they want in the car.