We were spied on at Sports Direct, say MPs


Members of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee, who sprung a surprise visit on Sports Direct say they were spied on with hidden cameras.
The MPs claim that a camera was hidden at the controversial firm’s headquarters in a room where they were supposed to be having a private meeting.
Notice was only given by the six MPs that they would be visiting the Derbyshire headquarters, just a few hours before they turned up.
The committee has already carried at a probe into working practices at Mike Ashley-owned Sports Direct and wanted to arrive unannounced so it could see if the situation with working conditions had improved.
After looking around the base for four hours, the MPs asked if there was a room they could use so they could discuss what they had seen by themselves.
However, they claim they were bugged during that 10 minute meeting after a member of staff placed a device in the room.
MP for Redcar, Anna Turley, said just moments after starting the meeting, a member of canteen staff was seen to put a camera and recording device under a chair.
Ms Turley said: “We had a positive tour around, we got to speak to lots of the workforce here and we got to see a lot of people who were very positive about the brand, and had worked there a long time and were committed.
“But then at the end of the meeting we sat down to have a private conversation in a room by ourselves. A lady came in with some sandwiches, which was very kind, and I saw her take too long to do it. I saw her put the recording device on the floor.”
Ms Turley said when the member of staff left the room, she went over to where they had been and found a combined camera and recording device, which she said she was convinced was placed there so Sports Direct could hear the conversation which was meant to be private.
She described it as hugely disappointing at a time when the group of MPs was trying to build up trust in order to ensure improvements to working conditions at Sports Direct were enacted.
Following the incident, Ms Turley posted images of the recording device on Twitter, showing the recording device hidden under a grey stool and placed on a cushion following the discovery.

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