What to know about the lunar eclipse this Friday

A partial moon eclipse lasting nearly 3.5 hours, which will be observed on Friday, will become the longest since the 15th century, according to the Moscow Planetarium.

The eclipse will be visible in Oceania, North and South America, East Asia, Northern Europe and Indonesia.

“The partial shadow eclipse will last 3 hours 28 minutes (10:20 am to 1:48 pm Moscow time). This is the longest partial lunar eclipse since the 15th century, ”according to the same source.

We can qualify it as an “almost total” lunar eclipse since almost all of the Moon will be in the Earth’s shadow, notes the Planetarium, specifying that “most of the lunar disk will take on a reddish hue”.

Solar and lunar eclipses occur every six months. At this time, the Sun, the Earth and the Moon form a single line. If the Earth is in the middle, there is a lunar eclipse.

When the Moon enters Earth’s shadow and acquires a reddish hue, this astronomical phenomenon is called a total eclipse. When not completely shaded by planet Earth, it is a partial shadow eclipse.

“The Moon moving in its orbit will cross the southern part of the Earth’s shadow. At 12:04 pm Moscow time, 97% of the lunar disk will be in the Earth’s shadow, ”says the Planetarium.


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