what you need to know about Vermeer

By Larbi Alaoui

Scores of Google users have wondered what the three-canvas doodle of Friday, November 12, could possibly mean. Knowing that the search engine gives pride of place to historical personalities, artists and athletes. And also, national events, like the celebration of the Independence Day of Morocco, or international events like July 14 for France.

The three canvases in question are, in fact, those of the great Dutch painter, Johannes Vermeer, whose real name is Jan Van der Meer, who died very young, at barely 43 years old (1632-1675). Known, above all in our time, for his canvas entitled “The dairy woman”, a painting that was used for his yogurts by a major brand of dairy products, the painter was in the spotlight via the Californian search engine.

Indeed, the American giant Google has chosen, as Friday doodle, three famous paintings by Vermeeer, considered an “artistic luminary and one of the greatest Dutch painters in the history of pictorial art”, from the 17th century. .

As can be seen from the dates mentioned above, this tribute is neither a commemoration of the birth of Johaness Vermeer, nor of his death. What exactly is it about as an event celebrated by Google? Well, said tribute is on the occasion of the 26th anniversary of a retrospective, of twenty-one paintings on the thirty-five known of the painter, which had been dedicated to the painter in Wachinton DC, in the United States, precisely on the 12th. November, of the year 1995.

As for the three canvases by Johannes Veermer, undisputed representative of the baroque movement, of the doodle appearing on the Google home page, they are entitled respectively as follows: “The reader at the window”, “Woman writing a letter to her servant »And, finally,« The art of painting ».

All three tinged with elements of symbolism, specific to Veermer, the undisputed master of interior scenes, bathed in a dim intimate light. This, while the palms of the celebrity return, without any doubt, alongside “The Milkmaid”, already quoted, to the fabrics entitled “The astronomer”, “View of Delft”, of the name of the city where Vermeer passed. her short life or, again, “The girl with the pearl”.


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