WhatsApp fined in Turkey

Turkey fined WhatsApp on Friday for violating personal data protection regulations, the day after a record-breaking penalty imposed on the messaging app for a similar reason by the Irish digital authority.

The Turkish authority for the protection of personal data (KVKK), announced in a press release, having fined WhatsApp 1,950,000 Turkish lira (197,3664 euros) for not having taken “the necessary measures to avoid treatment. personal data contrary to the law ”.

WhatsApp, a subsidiary of social media giant Facebook, was hit in January after asking its some two billion users to agree to new terms of use, allowing it to share more data with Facebook.

The KVKK said it had sanctioned WhatsApp because the application no longer offered users “free will”.

“Users are obliged to give their consent to the contract as a whole,” the institution said.

In January, Turkish authorities urged citizens to prioritize, instead of WhatsApp, the use of a local messaging application, BiP, developed by mobile operator Turkcell.


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