Why the FBI has been tarnished by Clinton emails probe


While discussions about whether the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails hurt her presidential campaign will continue for years, it appears the real loser may be the FBI.
The agency has come in for criticism from both sides of the electoral race for the way it handled announcements over Mrs Clinton’s emails.
The FBI first investigated Mrs Clinton’s emails earlier this year, saying in the summer that while she may have been foolish to use her personal emails, there was no case to answer.
But then, with just 11 days to go before the big day, FBI director James Comey once again said his bureau was looking into her emails, before saying that it had reached its original conclusion and would not be taking things further.
William Galston, a governance expert at the Brookings Institution said: “Regrettably, this is of a piece with every event that happened before it in the campaign. In a way, it is a perfectly fitting end to a truly awful campaign.”
He said the sorry saga would only serve to reinforce the belief a disillusioned America that the political system was corrupt.
After announcing that it was no longer looking into Mrs Clinton’s emails, the FBI hoped to draw a line under the matter.
But Mr Comey immediately found himself facing further criticism, this time from the camp of Republican Donald Trump.
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, said: “Comey must be under enormous political pressure to cave like this and announce something he can’t possibly know.”
Meanwhile, during a rally in Minnesota, Mr Trump said: “You have to understand it’s a rigged system, and she’s protected.”
As soon as the FBI announced it was once more looking into Mrs Clinton’s emails, the Democrats cried foul, saying that the agency should not have got involved in the political process.
They were, however, relieved that the matter was brought to a close before the election itself.
Mrs Clinton’s press secretary Brian Fallon said: “We were always confident that nothing would cause the July decision to be revisited. Now Director Comey has confirmed it. Trump’s hopes of using Comey to distract the voters in closing days of the campaign just went up in smoke.”
Mr Comey’s decision to release information about the new email investigation let to Mrs Clinton’s lead in the polls deteriorating, although she made up ground again following the new announcement that the probe was complete.

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