Why Tory MP Stephen Phillips has quit


Tory MP Stephen Phillips has stood down, saying he can’t possibly continue in the role because of “irreconcilable policy differences” with Theresa May’s government.
Mr Phillips has only been an MP for six years, representing the Sleaford and North Hykeham seat in Lincolnshire.
But he said he felt compelled to quit because he believes ministers have ignored the wishes of Parliament since the June referendum.
Because of that, Mr Phillips, who is a barrister and part-time time Crown Court judge, said he no longer feels that he can property represent the people who elected him to his position.
His shock resignation comes as Mrs May remains bullish over Brexit, despite losing a high court battle.
Three High Court judges have decided that the government must have Parliament’s support before it invokes Article 50, which is needed to begin the formal two-year negotiation process before Britain leaves Europe.
Mrs May has been hitting the phones to high profile politicians in Europe to say that she remains confident of triggering Article 50 by her original timetable of March 2017.
The Prime Minister has so far spoken to the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, and president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker to let them know of her intention to launch an immediate appeal to the Supreme Court against the ruling.
While Mr Phillips had so far been relatively unknown, his departure heaps on more pressure for Mrs May’s government at a time when it is trying to deal with making sure Brexit takes place.
As yet, it is not known whether Mr Phillips intends to leave the political sphere altogether, or whether his plan is to stand as an independent candidate.
According to those close to Mr Philips, the Brexit issue was the straw which broke the camel’s back. He said he feared the government was moving further to the right and that its values on child refugees and the use of aid money were not ones he shared.
It is understood that Mrs May asked to meet with him once she learned of his intentions, but he refused as his mind was made up.
While speculation started as soon as Mr Phillips made his announcement that other members of the Conservative party could follow suit and leave, many said they would rather stay and try to make changes from the inside rather than resign.

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