Why Trump won’t jail Clinton


Despite threatening to jail his rival if he made it to the White House, a senior aide to Donald Trump said the new American president had no intention of making good on his promise.

Supporters of Mr Trump regularly chanted “Lock her up!” during the former reality star’s campaign rallies, as well as wearing specially made t-shirts and badges showing Democrat Hillary Clinton behind bars.

However, a senior aide to Mr Trump said the President-elect “doesn’t wish to pursue” any criminal probe into Mrs Clinton’s private email server, or conflicts of interest surrounding the Clinton Foundation.

Campaign boss

Kellyanne Conway, Mr Trump’s former campaign manager, said: “I think Hillary Clinton still has to face the fact that a majority of Americans don’t find her to be honest or trustworthy, but if Donald Trump can help her heal then perhaps that’s a good thing.”

Mr Trump is said to echo her sentiments and is understood to now be concentrating on the job of running the country, rather than on taking action against Mrs Clinton.

The Democrat was rated as “low” or trustworthiness in opinion polls carried out in the run up to election day.

Mr Trump jumped on that and coined the nickname “Crooked Hillary,” when speaking about his rival. He made allegations that foreign entities had handed over donations to the Clinton Foundation in return for favours from Mrs Clinton’s department during her time as Secretary of State.

During the campaign, he criticised the FBI for failing to recommend that she face prosecution for potentially putting classified information at risk by using a personal server to send and receive official emails.

It is not the first U-turn pulled by Mr Trump. He has already agreed to take another look at Obamacare, despite saying that he would repeal the policy while on the campaign trail.


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