Wife and child can only watch in horror as father mauled by tiger


    A wife and child could only look on in horror as a father was dragged into a tiger enclosure and killed at a zoo in China.

    The terrifying incident took place at the Youngor Wildlife Park in Ningbo, which is south of Shanghai. Witnesses say the tiger dragged the young  man across the ground, taking him behind some trees before attacking him, while another two tigers stood by.

    Visitors at the wildlife park immediately raised the alarm with zookeepers, but it took them around an hour to get the tiger away from the man. The big cats were scared off by a water canon and firecrackers and the man was then bluelighted to hospital. Currently, it is not clear whether he survived the attack. Some reports say that his injuries were too severe for medics to save him and he has been pronounced dead at hospital, while others say that he has survived and is still receiving treatment in hospital.

    Tiger shot

    Following the incident, one of the tigers was killed by forestry officials. One witness said he saw the man trying to get up, but every time he sat back up again, the tiger leaped back on him, pushing him to the ground. The zoo was closed while officials tried to rescue the man. Currently, it is not known exactly how or why the man got into the enclosure with the Big Cats. According to some reports he simply climbed into their enclosure with them, and then walked towards the tigers as they were feeding. As he got close to them, one of the tigers sunk its claws into his neck, leaving him writhing in agony.

    The tigers then go on to rip the man’s clothes, leaving him in just his underwear, before one of them drags him away.



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