Woman Dangling From Shoelaces Discovered After Failing To Breach White House


A woman, identified as Marci Wahl, 38 years old, has been arrested Tuesday evening after allegedly trying to enter the US White House, saying to police that she was trying to talk to President Donald Trump.

Events That Unfolded

Secret Service agents began to watch the woman walking around and continuously stared at the building complex before they discovered that she attempted to jump over a fence at the White House’s south side, however, she got stuck.

Officers discovered Wahl hanging off the inside of one of the fences as her shoelace was “caught on top of the fence,” said the police report obtained by news outlet CNN.

“The individual became entangled in security features affixed to the top of the fence, suspending them in the air on the inside of the fence,” said the Secret Service to CNN.

Security in the White House had been briefly elevated as Secret Service agents in addition to officers elevating their immediate readiness, they said.

Wahl did not carry any weapons, but was arrested then transported to a police station nearby after she refused medical treatment.

Charges and Ongoing Investigation

Secret Service as well as Washington Metropolitan Policeman stumbled upon a map Wahl had of the property when she was arrested. She doesn’t have any criminal history.

She was later charged with the crime of unlawful entry, in addition to being interviewed by Secret Service agents that will continue an investigation. She will be appearing in court on Wednesday.

The arrest has been one of many security incidents to occur place near President Trump’s official residence in the White House recently.

Last Saturday, one man hopped over bicycle racks and briefly forced the complex to escalate their security status, said two law authorities officials to CNN.