Woman diagnosed with dementia aged just 39 plans memory making road trip


A 39 year old woman who has been diagnosed with dementia is planning a memory making road trip with her husband. Laura Borrell, from Hertfordshire, has already been forced to give up a law degree she was studying for and became worried about leaving her home because she started to get easily confused and suffered from speech difficulties.

She was then diagnosed 18 months ago with frontotemporal degenerative dementia, a condition usually only seen in the elderly. Doctors have been unable to tell her how quickly her brain function will decline. However, Mrs Borrell has been told that she is facing loss of her short term memory and that she will forget people familiar to her.


Her devastated family are now fundraising to raise £2,000 so that Mrs Borrell and her devoted husband Philip, 41, can make some memories together before she loses hers. She says that while she is not even 40 yet, she feels as if her life has been taken from her. She said: “Not knowing how long I have left before I need further care is torture. I might wake up in five years’ time and not recognise my husband, or it could happen in six months, we don’t know.” The couple are hoping they can raise enough to take a road trip around America before her condition deteriorates.

Seven years ago, she was diagnosed with Ehlers-danlos syndrome, lupus and blood clotting condition Hughes Syndrome. At that point, she was told she would have to take medication for the rest of her life and that she should not fall pregnant as it could put her life at risk. However, her prognosis got worse when she started slurring her speech and becoming muddled. She said that she would get words muddled up and would forget some completely. Mrs Borrell says she and her husband know they are racing against the clock because she will only become more confused as the years go on.




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