Woman manages to track down mystery man she found a “connection” with on a plane after Facebook campaign


A 50 year old woman who asked the Facebook community to help her to track down a mystery man she met on a plane trip has found him. Tiffany Beese, from Wellington, in New Zealand, said she instantly found a connection with a man she sat next to, but she regretted not asking him either his name, or for his telephone number.

After putting out an appeal on Facebook, for the man she described as having bright eyes, short brown hair a red stone necklace, she has managed to find him. Ms Beese and her special mystery man have already had their first date, enjoying a casual meal and a beer at a pub. The pair found each other again after the man’s brothers found the post on Facebook.

No regrets

However, Ms Beese said she was not revealing the man’s name because he was very private. She said that while she has met a lot of people while travelling, she felt an instant connection to the man, and felt that she had to pursue it rather than having any regrets. She said that she needed to answer her “What if?” The woman revealed that she and the man had chatted as if they were old friends while on the flight, talking to each other as if they had known each other for many years.

Although the two have managed to get in touch, Ms Beese said it was too early to say whether the couple will go on to have a lasting relationship, or if they will become just friends. However, the romance of her Facebook post captured the imagination until it was shared so may times it finally reached someone who knew her potential new beau. Her call was answered when she urged social media users to prove that romance is not dead by helping her.

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