Wu Yifan’s case ignites China purges Lost Celeb Culture

Wu Yifan case ignited – CNN reports progress The case of former EXO member Wu Yifan was arrested for deceiving a teenage girl that escalated into a matter of controlling online media. Including Wu Yifan’s social account, even with 51 million followers. was erased in the blink of an eye

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Internet and Chinese media regulators have deleted online media accounts of fan clubs supporting Kris Wu, or Wu Yifan, and acting as a bodyguard for former EXO members involved in a neti sexual harassment case. girl doll

Hero Wu Yifan is arrested.

The Central Commission on Disciplinary Investigations, the Communist Party of China’s Watchdog, said the cyber administration or Internet regulator. Shutting down 1,300 fan pages, deleted 4,000 online accounts, and deleted more than 150,000 supportive messages for the singer.

Internet regulators fed up with fan behavior reflecting bad culture which deserves to be corrected Along with likening that this fan culture is “crazy” and “haunted”, it will have to cut off secret funding and control the crazy growth in the entertainment industry.

Wu Yifan's case ignites

Criticism of the government’s misuse and the entertainment industry reflects a broad crackdown on the private sector under Chinese President Xi Jinping’s policies. This underscores the outstanding role of the Communist Party both economically and socially.

Regulators keep ordering fines and regulations. in technology education and other businesses, including accused of secret investment This creates risks in various fields, including data security. unequal education to social instability

Wu Yifan's case ignites

Wu Yifan’s case ignites

The China Radio and Television Administration, the highest-ranking media regulator, has another task: to thoroughly examine the media culture of celebrities.

The latest work is that it takes 1 month to suspend variety shows. A Celeb Show That Induces “Star Worship”

Wu Yifan was arrested by police on charges of luring several young women into having sex with him. to exchange the path to the entertainment industry The case is currently under investigation.

The actor denied the allegations through his Weibo account last month and his company announced it would take legal action against a woman who accused Wu.

Singer-actor Kris Wu is seen on the cover of a fashion magazine at a newsstand in Beijing, China July 20, 2021. REUTERS/Tingshu Wang

The young protagonist’s Weibo account was once very popular with over 51 million followers, but has now been deleted.

while world-famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Bulgaria and others canceled Wu as a product presenter since last month.

The scandal spread like a raging fire. various social media Support and thank “Du Mei Zhu”, a female net idol who came out to reveal that she had been sexually harassed by Wu when she was 17 years old.

The hero Wu Yi Fan

Du Meizhu accused the protagonist Wu Yifan.

But many Wu fans defended the young star and demanded to give Wu another chance. The regulators gave an example of the worst behavior. Of fans that even demanded to raise funds for Wu to fight legally or break out of jail.

Fans also bullied the children with words, violence or inciting them. Rich or extravagant

A statement on Thursday said regulators were increasingly cautious in monitoring media and online fan clubs, reflecting the government’s long-standing commitment to fan club regulation and the entertainment industry.

Prospering, the future is fading

The Chinese government is increasingly keeping an eye on the celeb culture to ensure that these celebs are harmless to society and doing good.

Weibo said it had deleted nearly 1,500 Weibo names that improperly referred to Wu’s case.

Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, has removed 2.4 million offensive comments and deleted nearly 8,000 video clips that fans have posted on Douyin since June.

while kai choo Douyin’s rival app said it deleted more than 100 user accounts since June 15.

Wu Yifan's case ignites

Earlier, China’s cyber administration said in June, ahead of the Wu case, that the fan’s misbehavior jeopardized the online environment and harmed minors’ bodies and minds, and in a statement.

Most recently, it announced that it will be campaigning for a two-month period against a culture of ill-behaved celebs with a focus on suppressing rumors. online bullying The harassment and hurtful words of a celebrity boyfriend.


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