Yemen airports and ports closed by coalition temporarily


On Monday, the sea and airports were closed by the Arab Coalition after Riyadh was targeted by a missile after 17 people were claimed to be killed by ISIS military.

Iran was accused of providing Houthi militias and their supporters missiles which were launched toward the nation’s capital, near their international airport, a statement reported.

The statement issued by the coalition revealed that the closures were only going to be for a while and that it would take into consideration the work of aid organizations and humanitarians.

In Aden, some masked men with affiliation to ISIS has set off a bomb in a car outside Yemen’s headquarter for security on Sunday in the southern port city, killing 17 unsuspecting people before continuing their killing spree well into the night.

It was gathered from the security officers who spoke on the condition of anonymity that snipers were placed by the militants on the roof and they killed most of the men in the security department inside. The officials gave disturbing reports about what transpired on the inside of the building.

Supported by an Apache helicopter, security forces fought into the night for the control of the installation, fighting off militants and chasing them into the neighborhood and surrounding structures. No specific number was provided for the total sum of hostages that were killed. Of the dead hostages, five were said to be soldiers.

Snipers shot at the soldiers

Witnesses reported seeing four snipers of the militants on the roof. They went further to describe the mayhem as bodies of killed men were everywhere in the compound. The security chief, Shallal al-Shayae was not within the premises at the time of the attack.

In a statement released online, ISIS’local affiliate group declared that were responsible for the attacks, saying that 50 soldiers were killed by them, the bomber’s identity was given as Abu Othman al-Hadrami.