young and strong choose not to vaccinate after believing that he would not get seriously ill Finally got infected with covid

sad twin sister After the strongest brother – love health refusing to vaccinate Died due to COVID-19 After knowing that he had been infected for only 4 weeks and came out to encourage people to get vaccinated.

Jenny McCann shares the story of her brother, John Ayers, a construction expert and bodybuilder. from Southport Merseyside, England, dies after contracting Covid-19 due to organ failure

<p>John Eyers is a strong and healthy person.  likes bodybuilding and climbing  said his family.</p>
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<p>And begging people to get vaccinated, she said: “My 42-year-old twin brother died of COVID-19.  last week,” he said, adding that her brother died four weeks later in hospital after learning he was infected.  “He’s the strongest and healthiest person I know.  And before, he had just gone mountain climbing.  and camping in the forest  4 weeks before his death.”</p>
<p>She went on to say that her older brother believed that  If he is infected with COVID-19  he will be fine  He thought he would have a slight illness.  And he didn’t want to vaccinate his body.  But after he contracted the coronavirus, he told his adviser that he wanted to be vaccinated.  “His death was a tragedy.  It shouldn’t have happened.”</p>
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This loss caused great pain to his family. He left behind his mother, father, sister and 19-year-old daughter. “Both of my children lost their uncle. An uncle who was always playing with him,” McCann said, and the loss prompted Ayers’ mother to share the story. Because she believes this loss story will save someone’s life. and pushing them to get vaccinated

Ayers’ mother side that was posted on his personal Facebook page “Please, please, please. Do not believe unbelievers We are living to prove what this terrible disease can do. Most of us are not as fit as our beloved son, please don’t let his life be worthless.”

McCann (left) and Ayrs (right) are children with mum Linda. Mr Eyers died of Covid-19 last week.

The news of the death of Ayers That came after more than 11 per cent of adults across the UK remained unvaccinated. And although in the past several weeks has been given to those aged 18 Year up can be vaccinated.

Mr Eyers thought he would be fine if he contracted Covid-19 but later admitted he should have been jabbed.  his sister said

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