Youngsters Unhappy With Their Gender


Children, as young as only 11 years old in large numbers are complaining to Childline, allegedly expressing their disappointment and discontent with their gender.


The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) stated that in the year 2015-2016, a little less than 3,000 youngsters had contacted them and expressed their misery regarding their sexuality, saying they were born biologically wrong. This amount of calls have an average of about 8 calls per day.

When Childline first initiated their record keeping for transgender and gender confusion matters back in 2012-2013, the numbers have since then increased by twice the size. According to Childline, the majority age range amongst youngsters that contact them are usually around 12-15 years of age.


There were complaints about discrimination towards homosexuals and the transgender individuals in about 450 of the sessions. Childline stated that transgender people, specifically within the youngsters, had undergone mental issues along with repeated contemplation of suicide.

The Chief executive of NSPCC, Peter Wanless expressed his concern on the matter, saying that no modern society can consider themselves as such so long as children are denounced just because they feel dissimilar to their society. Mr. Wanless added that inflicting shame and emotional abuse towards these types of youngsters undoubtedly leaves a long trace of shame and mental illnesses engraved in them, and that it is important that they express their emotions.

A survey was conducted back in 2014 in which it revealed that approximately 48 percent of transgender people under 26 had tried to commit suicide, whilst around 30 percent stated they had attempted in doing so just in that year.

Youngsters have expressed their unhappiness in feeling that they had been born with the wrong body, and one 16 year old said that he felt immense hopelessness, especially towards his parents who are unable in putting themselves in his shoes, and went on to add that he would rather not endure another year in his life if this is all life will be offering to him.