Zara Tindall Gets a Miscarriage


Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter Zara and her husband Mike Tindall have lost the baby they had been anticipating, days before Christmas.

Mike and Zara announced last month that they were delighted and very excited regarding the birth of their second baby, adding that they were delighted in approaching 2017 with the new child in the family.

The couple’s spokeswoman has asked for the public to give them the privacy they need for these painful days ahead.

The expected baby was to be delivered around spring time of 2017. However, the couple’s spokeswoman has announced that Zara has not suffered with any serious threat medically, and the exact details just as to how she lost the baby was not disclosed.

The Unexpected Tragedy

Zara Tindall was about four months into her pregnancy when she had the miscarriage, and the baby would have been the sixth granddaughter to Queen Elizabeth.

Upon the tragic news, posts on social media shared and expressed their condolences to the couple and the family.

Mike, a former rugby player for England, received condolences from his team who expressed their sadness about this event, and offered their prayers on behalf of the entire Gloucester Rugby Club.

Repeat of the Past

Zara and Mike were met with utmost excitement and praise when they had revealed that Zara was pregnant, and the Queen was extremely joyous about upon hearing the news.

However, this serves as the second miscarriage for the Countess of Wessex, as back in 2001 she had endured an operation for several hours in which her pregnancy posed as a threat to her physical state.

The surgeons who performed the operation on Zara had to remove the life-threatening fetus from the Fallopian tube. Zara was a former champion from the Equestrian club, but failed to compete this year in Rio due to some complications regarding her horse.