2 euro coin worth a fortune: here's what it is

Dec 12, 2023 - 19:00
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2 euro coin worth a fortune: here's what it is
2 euro coin worth a fortune: here's what it is
2 euro coin worth a fortune: here's what it is

The summary of issues that leads most of us to the coins that shape the euro, arranged at first to be even more differentiated in the various 'pieces', but once the 1- and 2-cent coins, which are still of value but have not been created in Italy for years, have been removed, they have become 'everyday' coins, and the 2-euro coin in particular seems to be one of the easiest to identify but also one of the most common, both numerically and in terms of representations.

Several forms of the 2-euro coin in fact appear to be by nature rarer than others, a condition also underlined by specimens generated in smaller numbers. We find ourselves in the situation of the 'piece' highlighted by a 2-euro coin, which is also a substantially recent coin, with which we may also have had dealings and may be worth much more than its face value.

2 euro coin worth a fortune: here's what it is

The Rome mint, that is, the Italian mint, is in charge not only of augmenting domestic issues but also those for small entities such as the Vatican and San Marino, which are basically not part of the European Union, but being in some way dependent on the Italian state, which on the other hand is part of it (it is one of the founding members), they make use of the euro in any case.

Especially the Vatican, the smallest state recognized as such, Heir to the Papal States, retains a relevant diplomatic and political figure not only in Italy, and has its own coins, both standard ones, but also celebratory 2-euro coins, which look different and are in their own way, unique. One of the most important ones is undoubtedly the issue dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the establishment of the Swiss Guard Corps, still quite symbolic and iconic, which since the Renaissance have been in charge of defending the Pope.

Today they are certainly more of something ceremonial but continue to be very much endowed with strict training and selection, distinguishable by the famous uniforms, helmets and halberds firmly evident. The mintage was designed precisely in 2006, exactly 500 years after the founding of the Swiss Guard Corps, as also evidenced by the mintage itself, which features the two years 1506 and 2006, with a Swiss Guard in the center, intent on swearing as usual at the beginning of their "career."

We are talking about a decidedly rare coin, one of the most difficult to find in Italy, of this type, especially in good condition, one of these issues in fact can fetch from about 50 euros in good condition up to 250 euros in mint condition, best condition thinkable.

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